Former striker of the Super Eagles, Victor Anichebe, has declared of his uncertainty over the possibility of returning to the Nigeria senior national team.
In 2012, Anichebe announced his retirement from international football, where he told pressmen in Akwa on Wednesday that he was happy with the crop of young talented players in the team.

Anichebe who is 29, said although there have been some pressure on him to return to the Super Eagles, but he considered himself too old for the team. 

Anichebe said:

“I had a few calls from Nigeria asking the possibility of me coming back to the team, but I just think now that we are at that stage where we have a lot of great young talent and coming through.

“We have Kelechi, we have even Odion, we have even Iwobi, and we have a bunch of really good young people playing in the team.

“I just think we are on a great journey now, I look at the Nigerian national team, so many faces I don’t even know but they are doing so well.

“So it just shows that we are nurturing more and more talents, therefore I consider myself an old man now, am 29.

“I don’t know whether I will be coming back.”

On the forthcoming world cup qualifier against South Africa, Anichebe urged the team to go all out and do the country proud.

“I just hope that they are victorious, first of all I hope that everyone stays injury-free.

“Obviously I hope that they win but football is crazy and sometimes you might not win, sometimes they might get a draw.

“And I know how expectant Nigerians are, they expect a lot from the team but I just hope they can go out and do the country proud,” he said.

Victor Anichebe

Victor Anichebe (PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images)

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