by Moses Adejoke

Life is too short to make oneself unhappy, enjoy it while it last. These words are often heard and well understood by many Nigerians, which make the high sucidal rate in the country highly surprising.

The most suprising thing is that some of those that take their own lives are those that people look up to as sucessfull ones.

Now the question is, what can make a successful person take his life. We dont have facts, but research has shown that depression is a major reason why some take their lives.

What is depression? Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thought, behaviour, feelings and sense of well beign. People who are depressed may loose intrest in activities that make them happy, they may have problem concentrating, they may attempt or commit sucide.

A hug a day can help save a life. Life is a precious gift from God that should be cherished.