Ikenna Asomba (Lagos)
The renewed agitation for the Sovereign Republic of Biafra could be traced to 2015 when President Muhammadu Buhari came on board. But first of all, it must be stated that President Buhari caused it all, particularly when he declared in a Speech at Chatham House, USA, that his administration won’t treat equally people who gave him 5 percent votes same with people who gave him 97 percent votes (sic). True to his words, he exhibited it by the glaring marginalisation of Ndigbo in his kitchen cabinet appointments, service chiefs among others since 2015. If not that Ministerial Appointments are compulsorily made using the 36 States including the FCT Abuja, many an Ndigbo believes Buhari would still marginalise them. Without much ado, the incarceration of Nnamdi Kanu by the Buhari-led administration even after several court orders to release him on bail ignited the renewed agitation for Biafra. Another incidences that sparked the renewed agitation were the wanton killings of peaceful and armless IPOB and MASSOB protesters who were calling for the immediate release of Nnamdi Kanu and ors incarcerated by the DSS. These are the issues. Look, one of the 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green advised power brokers to love their enemies. Even the Holy Bible preaches so. If Buhari sees Ndigbo as his adversaries, just unfettered love shown to them would have quelled these random musings of secession rocking the country. Again, the fact still remains that those germane issues of Restructuring that Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu saw that led to the first secessionist move in 1967 are still here with us today and have even gone worst and hydra-headed. This nation needs healing urgently. But as you can see the North is against Restructuring. The recent anti-Restructuring comments by AGF Malami goes to encourage this renewed agitation for the Sovereign Republic of Biafra.
Ikenna Asomba is a Social Commentator

Femi Mario (Abuja)
Its just an attempt to scatter the peace of the nation further. The Igbos staying in other part of Nigeria and have amassed wealth and prosper will never agitate for such. How do they want them to cope or move their wealth? We should know also that part of the oath the president or any president will take is to keep Nigeria as one, so no president will allow such to happen. Even if the president of Nigeria is Igbo, he won’t allow such to happen. There is a method to follow to secede, it simply requires gathering of signatures of thousands of people and next is to process it. Taking to the street is not the proper way. Let me state it clearly that the State of California is also seeking for a nation, but have they gotten it? No. So for me, its just a move from some people to disturb the peace of this nation. All this will die down once an hausa president leave the seat of power. For me its a NO.

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Olasunkanmi Arowolo (Lagos)
​I’m indifferent. More so, I believe the past has a lot of lesson that ought to guide there actions. We’ve the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Biafra story. Perhaps, the bad suppress the good. Above all, we all have to wake up to realisation of the complexities of our country, Nigeria. Even at the level of the Biafra desires and agitation, the complexities are yet to be respected. Until then, the vision, mission may remain a seemingly unrealistic.

Mo Akande (Lagos)
Their approach might have been somewhat inappropriate at the first try in 1966, but truth be told, Nigeria is an assembly of sub nations with peculiarities that can propel independent sovereignty in each. Nigeria had been defamed for everything ill as a result of collective corruption, tribalism, nepotism, bigotry, religiousness and even genocide in some quarters. But as it stand now, if a particular clan bears the major brunt of collective wrong, you’ll feel the need for segregation as it would be perceived injustice and inequity. And besides, it was the workings of our colonial invaders that made a forceful ethnocultural marriage amongst unripened consent as it is at the time. So if any race or clan decide to want to try as on their own as a sovereign state, I see no reason why they should unnecessarily hampered and debarred.

Omu Razaq (Kwara)
I will like them to go, Nigeria should split up so that we can appreciate ourselves. What are the disadvantages? To me, there is no disadvantages except for the fact that the politicians will be seriously affected because any mistake from them will requires a serious jungle justice. The federal immunity won’t be there again. The it will result to before anyone can vote you in again after you must have tasted power once, show us what you have done before we can vote you in again. It will no longer be ‘everybody wants a change of party, defecting to another party because you want the previous ones to lose. Something of such won’t be happening anymore and any mistake, you are gone. Another thing is that we will learn to appreciate ourselves more because we know our strengths and weaknesses, anything we tend to be giving from one region to the other within the same Republic, we will appreciate it more. For example, if the Yorubas doesn’t have rice and the Igbos are providing it, we will appreciate it more. If the Hausas aren’t having education and we are their teachers, they will appreciate it more, a division because we are together, they are just taking unnecessary advantage of everything (opportunities) of other regions, marginalisation is happening, we just have to stop it. I also sense that we were been forced together, it not in our interest but of the white, their business mind and we blacks we take anything that comes to us. The fact is that we are not ripe (ready) enough when we had our independent, to be factual. A foreign ambassador said: ‘If Nigeria can be like this for 16 years after gotten their democracy, by the time they will 24, Nigeria will be a better country’, now I am seeing it happen but the thing is we can’t just wait till that time because before then, so many things would have been ruined already.

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Morakinyo Abiodun (Abuja)
It is a threat that must not be taking likely, the northerners like we all know once they spill it they mean it. Irrespective of top officials and different bodies calling for adequate securities in the environment, I would have advised those been threatened not to sleep under fire because those words could just be a mere saying without proper follow up. It’s their lives they should run for it, remember the story of an igbo man that was beheaded for eating during fasting period last year, remember the woman preacher that was killed in Kano and the lives of southern Kaduna that was shattered for no reasons. Let’s not treat this issues with politics and remember we are talking of lives of fellow Nigerians.

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Prince Tito (Lagos)
I feel the Igbos have been maginalised to a large extent, A tribe that produces oil, production of different types of goods and also assemble cars (Innoson motors)… have the worst roads, they do all this and don’t even have a sea port. They import their goods and it has to drop in Lagos, before an average Igbo man will travel all the way down to clear his goods, let’s imagine if there is at least a seaport around the eastern region, business will be easier transacted. That will be all for now.

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