A concern Prospective Corp Member, wrote this open Letter to the National Youth Service Corps, NYSC scheme management about what they want and need from the scheme. 

Below is the full letter… 

​Dear NYSC,

We the PCM’s of stream 2 are uncomfortable with the silence! We are not being just too anxious to get into camp and put on Khaki, neither are we being too impatient to have military men exercise their discipline on our freedom.

It’s not an enthusiasm to be woken by the biggle, nor to stand under the hot parade sun and take turns on the fainting spree.

Our concerning is not propelled on the grounds of receiving meagre #19800 already, which can’t sustain an average Corper for 3weeks, neither is it about wanting to go and be exploited by the maami market seller.

Its about moving on with our lives!

The sacredness of the 3weeks in camp affects our plans to even get peanut jobs that doesn’t even validate our certificate, because they don’t want to take people who haven’t served yet. “No capitalist joke with his business process, to the point of employing someone whose resignation is spontaneously uncontrollable”.

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We can barely travel cause we can’t tell when the date will be released. We cant comfortably fix appointments, cause we are not certain if we will keep to them.

We’ve lost job opportunities because we’ve not served, We’ve missed oversea admissions application deadlines because of uncertainties of when we will be done with service.

We are faced with questions everyday by people who know that we have graduated, about why we aren’t serving yet. While some think we are lying to them, others think its our fault. Yet our reply is filled with uncertainty, because you’ve not given us any word to hold on to.

We’ve tried the logic of judging by precedence, it has failed us!

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We’ve devised event calculator to foretell likelihood of our call up letter coming up at presumed dates (23rd June, 4th and 11th July), all to no avail.

In our rumours, you’ve kept silent. To our questions, you’ve rarely answered. Nothing stops you from telling us that it is not going to be in July or August. Nothing should stop you from telling us, if the delay is intentional or circumstantial.

Its our plans and goals that are suffering from this silence and uncertainty.

We need a word from you. We deserved to be told why we should wait for another one week.

Telling us to disregard a rumour that obviously gives psedo-hope,-  doesn’t doesn’t stop our inquisitions and curiosity.

We all know how an uncertain man is unreliable help safe us from this bonds of uncertainty and save your credibility before a pool of waiting citizens.


Our request is simple


Anonymous (A concerned PCMite 2017 Batch A Stream 2)

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