by Babalola Seyi

Social media is the collection of online communications channels dedicated to community based input, interaction and content sharing such as exchange of information, ideas, pictures/videos.

Websites and applications dedicated to forums, micro blogging, social networking, social book making, social curation and wikis are among the different types of social media. It is based application that build on the ideological and technological foundations that allow the creation and exchange of user general content. 

Social media had been invented long time ago, some examples of social media are: the Telegraph which was invented in 1972, the telephone which was discovered in 1890, the radio in 1891 and so on. 

Who are the students? Students are learners who attend Educational institutions. 

The social media and the students are related because the social media helps the students in no small way, some of the importance of social media are as follows: It improves the students ability to absorb information. What would have seemed to be over whelming to someone 20 years ago is normal to us, like the use of Internet, we have extreme ease in processing and we are evolving quickly. 

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Although many students used these media negatively like watching of pornographic movies and pictures, devoting most of their valuable times on chatting with friends and so on but the having a better direction of what they want, now they have ease of reaching to mentors through internets and other social medials. 

In addition, students get closer to art and design and are exposed continuously to new ideas and are given a big chance to feed their creativity. 

Also the social media has helped in Educational sector. It has helped over 20 million students in their education. For instance, Google helps in solving many assignment problems for the studies. 

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Now, students write examinations online like the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB). Even, National Examination Council has proposed the writing of their examination online. This is because we have been exposed to the use of internet. Students now make us of Internet than the library in order to read and check past questions. 

Furthermore, it fastens communication. It makes students to interact with friends and family across long distance, it makes students to make new friends in order to share interest together. 
Nevertheless, students also gain scholarship, to travel abroad through the social media. It makes it possible for students to share and get input quickly. 

Conclusively, with the aforementioned explanation above, it is crystal clear that social media is a good companion of students, not minding the negative usage by some students. In short, the positive effects of social media outweighs it’s negative impacts on students.