As part of the event and activities designed for the 2017 MSSN-LASU Jihad week, the Amir MSSN-LASU, Mallam Alabidun Mafus (Veracious) has been task to do Jumat Sermon, lead Great Procession of Muslims students and Conduct Special Usrah all on Friday 4th of August, 2017.

This itself was revealed on Wednesday, yesterday, 2nd of August, 2017 at the press briefing organised by MSSN-LASU to mark the commencement of MSSN-LASU 2017 Jihad Week Program. 

Speaking at the press briefing, he said the theme for MSSN-LASU 2017 Jihad Week is “The Stranger”. Who are the Stranger? ask by gentlemen of the press. 

He said “The Stranger’s are those who practice the pristine Islam as prescribed by the Quran, the tradition of the prophet (PBUH) which is base on the understanding of the companions”. 

He however said, the programme will detail the qualities, behavior and acts of these people (The stranger) in order to take lessons from it and enable Muslims students to draw the conclusion of living after The Stranger.

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He further revealed at the briefing all the events of the programme saying:

“The programme includes the press briefing, blood donations exercise and Amir’s challenge which will be conducted the first day. The second day has the Arabic speaking/Quran competition as well as debate and quiz competition. On Friday, the third day, shall have the Amir doing the Sermon, The Great Procession and Special Usrah. The day four shall be reserved for a picnic to the Republic of Benin. The fifth day is dedicated for the formal opening ceremony of the programme. A public lecture shall be staged at the school gate on the sixth day. The external campus shall be visited on the day seven. Faculties symposium and the continuation of Amir’s challenge shall be done on the eight and ninth days of the programme. A relaxation day shall be held on the tenth day with the programmes Gathering of the pious spouses and a film show in the evening. The day eleven shall be vested with the Gender’s Day where we have the sister’s Seminar and the Final of Amir’s challenge. The programme shall be rounded off with the Dinner/Award Night,” he concluded. 

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In all the Jihad week is a 12 days programme which started August 2nd and shall come to an end on the 13th of August.

He therefore, enjoined Muslims students on LASU campus to wholeheartedly participate in the programme as the programme is majorly designed in their interest, saying the programme has a lot to benefit them, out of which are; religious and academic upliftment, security consciousness and new experiences to mention but few. 

He also noted that, MSSN-LASU is hopeful and open to partnership with relevant authorities and corporate organization is making the events a successful one.