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  • 2003 – The First Person to Get Married While in Space. Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko was on the International Space Station when he married Ekaterina Dmitrieva, who was located in Texas at the time of the wedding. The wedding took place through a NASA satellite hookup.
  • 2001 – An attack on a train during the Angolan Civi War kills about 250 people. Rebels from the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) in Angola derailed a train using an anti-tank mine and opened fire on the passengers.
  • 1990 – Magellan Space Probe is Inserted in Orbit Around Venus. The first spacecraft to be launched by a space shuttle, Magellan was a robotic space probe that spent 8 months gathering data about the surface of the planet also known as Earth’s twin. The probe was launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on May 4, 1989, when Space Shuttle Atlantis took it to low Earth orbit and released it.
  • 1944 – Battle of Narva ends. The 8-day long battle was fought between the German Army and the Soviet Leningrad Front for the control of the Narva Isthmus in Estonia during the Second World War. The battle ended with decisive German victory
  • 1675 – The foundation stone for the Royal Observatory, Greenwich is laid. Commissioned by King Charles II of England, the Royal Observatory started operating in 1676 under the supervision of John Flamsteed, the first British Astronomer Royal. The observatory is famous around the world because it location marks the Prime Meridian passes through it.


  • 1980 – Wade Barrett (English wrestler)
  • 1973 – Lisa Raymond (American tennis player)
  • 1971 – Roy Keane (Irish footballer)
  • 1960 – Antonio Banderas (Spanish actor)
  • 1874 – Herbert Hoover (American politician, 31st President of the United States)


  • 2008 – Isaac Hayes (American singer-songwriter, pianist, producer, actor)
  • 1980 – Yahya Khan (Pakistan general, politician, 3rd President of Pakistan)
  • 1945 – Robert H. Goddard (American physicist, inventor)
  • 1932 – Rin Tin Tin (German/American acting dog)
  • 1896 – Otto Lilienthal (German pilot, engineer)