Olasunkanmi Arowolo (LAGOS) Lecturer:
It’s unwarranted and not justifiable. The president has fulfilled the constitutional provision of the country and every action he’s taken is within the law. Moreso, there’s no vacuum in presidency. So, I see the call to resume or resign as a pressure to destabilise the government of the day (the ruling party) orchestrated by oppositional forces. In few words, calling ailing Buhari to resume irrespective or his unhealthy condition is inhumane and asking such party to resign is unconstitutional. It is high time, our political classes, in Nigeria, irrespective of their political differences work together for the general good of country and for the better welfare of Nigerian people. 

​Ikenna Asomba (LAGOS) Journalist:
Without mincing words, I’ve always insisted that President Muhammadu Buhari should step aside if his health can no longer carry him to do the job he was elected to do. There is the argument that having handed over power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, in acting capacity, and written the National Assembly, President Buhari has not gone contrary to the constitution. No matter how correct this fact is, it is imperative to note that there is a length to what Ag. President Osinbajo could do. Imagine the Ministers appointed recently are yet to be given portfolios. That President Buhari has spent over 95 days out of job without Nigerians being told what exactly is the health condition he is bedevilled with is improper and have sent a very wrong precedent in the history of this country. One begins to ask, How did we get here?

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Akanni Zainab (JIGAWA) Educationist:
I would have gone with the opinion that our dear President should resume back to his post, in other to give room for his plans/manifestos to come to past. But right now, his health status question me. What would happen if the work load overpowered him and due to that, we lost him? Definitely the works will continue because “no one is irreplaceable”  any other person can do the work and even better. But at least if the poor aged man will die let him die in peace and with stress dealing with Nigeria’s economy and palava. On this note! It wouldnt be a bad thing if he resigns.

Abiodun Morakinyo (ABUJA) 
Every citizen has the constitutional right to lead a peaceful protest but in my country the case is different. The call for Resume or Resign is just a simple way of reminding the presidency that you can’t be taking away the No 1 citizen in Nigeria away from the public, it’s our right to know what’s happening to the President, so I see it as a legitimate way of doing things. Yes I agreed he has assigned duties to his Vice constitutional but in a situation it’s going beyond #95days without any vital information about his health the call for Resume or Resign campaign is the next thing in action because no one does that in a proper administration. Wishing him quick recovery.

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Femi Mario (ABUJA) Internet Expert:
For me, we care more about small and irrelevant issues in Nigeria. Has Nigeria stop existing since Buhari left? Has economy gone bad or worse since he left? So why are we so bothered about his absence when he has duly handed over power to the Vice. For me the agitation for this is malicious. Its funny the reason people come out to protest. I haven’t seen people coming out to protest the speedy trial of corrupt people in this nation, but we care more about an ailing president that has handed over power and has also said he will resign at certain time if his health go bad. For me that agitation is malicious. Why haven’t we seen protesters coming out to protest the Anambra massacre? Why haven’t we seen them agitating against the decay in the system? Some of those agitators are worse than the devil, or the person they are protesting against. For me, we need to search our conscience on this. I was watching Charly Boy, and how he intentionally slump on TV, all in the name of agitation. Its just so funny for me, we need to channel our strength and energy toward a better Nigeria than all these.

Tito Joseph (LAGOS) Entrepreneur:
It’s simple if he cannot handle the affair of the nation because of his health, he should walk away so we would know who is actually leading us. His long stay away has stagnated some issues on ground and his so called anti corruption fight… He should just resign so someone else who is more interested in the country’s economy can take over, so we should stop deceiving ourselves’ with his agenda’s and not able to implement.

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