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Prince Tito (LAGOS) Entrepreneur:
It’s the funniest thing I have seen lately, we are just deceiving ourselves in this country. It can’t stand. It can only work in non-reputable institutions. Mark my words. Do you know why? It’s simply because nobody with such low score can gain admission into the major institutions, before getting admitted you still need like 250 to enter the UI’s and UNILAG’s of this country. Such schools will never go low on their standards, even if the government enforce the 120 cut-off mark, such prospective students with such low marks will find it extremely difficult to make it the it will finally go down to who knows who.

Chima (CALABAR):
Yeah, I think the minister of education and the board have noticed some illegal admissions of some candidates to various higher institutions due to they are unable to meet up with the cut off mark. So for them to cut it off I think it will help matters, 120 and 100 is okay. I don’t think it will cause more harm than good to education standard in Nigeria because small knowledge acquired is more important than not acquiring at all. If someone can read and sit for jamb and make 120 to me? It is okay because he or she will still acquire more if granted an admission.

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Akanni Zainab (JIGAWA) Educationist:
JAMB reducing cut-off to 120 isn’t the issue. Let the test of proficiency be well amended, well managed, coordinated and well controlled. Then the prospective JAMB applicant will have a better score that can qualify them.

Elemoro Ademola (LAGOS) PR Practitioner:
It seems JAMB is trying to protect universities from manipulated admissions. Although, 120 seems absurd as this can quench the fire in students in preparing for higher learning. 150-160 would be more suitable for the system.

Morakinyo Abiodun (ABUJA) Admin Officer:
A positive news to students seeking admission into the university and at the same time a disturbing news to our educational sector. Positive news in the sense that ever since JAMB introduced CBT to the system most of the students have been finding it difficult to handle it most especially the computer illiterate and of recent we had that almost millions of students scored below 200. This will help reduce pressure on the students when sitting for the aptitude test, knowing full well that with 120 above they can scale through. The negative impact is that it will give room for less reading or seriousness since the mark has been reduced drastically which can be cheaply scored. Secondly it’s another means of empowering higher institutions and another form of embezzlement and favouritism​ which is common in our institutions because for sure we are going to have full Jambites scoring above the cut of mark which will be an added advantage to schools organizing Post UTME exams.

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Samwel Josh Aine Apostle (UGANDA) IT Specialist:
I believe it’s for the good of the majority students to have a chance to join higher levels, and perhaps it can help to increase on the number of professionals into the productivity market in the country, the benefits are many. The bad side is also there, but you determine which perspective you want to reason from. If it’s from the side of the students, then you will defend them, But however if we are to talk about the negativities, it’s going to lower the standard of education on the long run, like increase competition in the labour market, resource misuses, increase vices like corruption in the education sector, among others.

Kemi Badejo (LAGOS) Business Administrator:
It is too low, Please we don’t need block heads in our universities, we need students that are creative and intelligent, not dullard, how can our government set standard of 120 as cut-off mark for universities, a lay man person can have this score in JAMB.

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Yusuf Zaynab (LAGOS) Media Personnel:
When we still have alot of half baked graduate out there. My opinion when a student fail, let them re-do the exam, not admit alot of failures to the tertiary institutions. Most of these admission seekers are already in to fraud and other criminal acts. Cut-off mark or not, what a person would do, he/she will definitely do it.