Today on #TPNangle, we are honoured to introduce our very special guest in the person of Adebisi Yusuf @adebisithemmy. He is a graduate of Computer Science, an internet professional, computer engineer and a social media expert. @adebisithemmy currently work as a system analyst with Lagos State University (LASU). 

With his wide and height of knowledge, Adebisi Yususf is ready to mentor us on “INTERNET: INSTRUMENT FOR THE PEOPLE OR GOVERNMENT”. Read, relax and enjoy his tweets below…


@ThePaceNews Good evening tweeter faithfuls #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews It is wonderful to share this space with you #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews Internet: Instrument for the Government or People? #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews Before we go on, a brief talk about the internet #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews Internet began about 40 years ago, in an American research agency called DARPA #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews Note the words “Research Agency”. It now spans the world connecting millions of computers #TPNangle

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@ThePaceNews Now back to our topic for the day

@ThePaceNews Instrument for the Government or the People? I would say both. But to better understand this, we break it into two or say three #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews 1. Who understands it as a tool? , 2. Who has harnessed it the most? , 3. Who has it worked for? #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews To the first point, Who understands it as a tool, clearly my answer is the people. #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews why do i say this? the people has realised the potential of the internet and has thus used it to get to the govt. #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews asking various questions on governance and the elected representatives #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews some of the questions asked has yielded results. Most recently is the wages of the senators #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews and you would agree with me it has caused a lot of worry for the government. #TPNangle

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@ThePaceNews this takes us to the next point, who has harnessed it the most, again the people! #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews and the tweets above would justify this #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews Now to who it has worked for, again the people, always putting the government on her toes amidst policies #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews But broadly speaking, the government or the people, who would have benefitted the most? #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews The government would have benefitted the most if only she understood the potentials inherent in the use of the tool #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews If we look at a platform like tweeter for instance #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews the government can introduce policies it intends put in place just to get reactions of the people #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews different suggestions on how the policies may work out or otherwise can be gotten from such avenue #TPNangle

@ThePaceNews this and lots more the government can take advantage of the internet #TPNangle

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@ThePaceNews I think reactions can come at this point #TPNangle

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