By Aje Adeola Rasheedah BemZ

I go to work every day with the mind set at facing something new since I know ‘new day, new wahala’, I pray fervently to overcome office pressure than I pray for long live and prosperity.

I travel to work with a lot of thought of how to cover come one problem or the other. I kept doing and living my life like this until a fateful Monday morning, just as we were all seated to have the usual Monday meeting my boss started with the normal opening prayer, asked each of us (4 staff) what we learnt over the weekend.


I’ll always surf the internet every Saturday to learn something new so that I can share on Monday and by so doing I’m becoming more exposed. Just after we all narrated what we learnt he said today’s meeting is to commend a staff that has been dedicated and hard-working, the doubtful me became unnecessarily tensed, I started sweating on my palms and I couldn’t stop shaking.

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My boss continued by praising the staff so well that we were all staring at him and then he mentioned my name. I was perplexed I felt I didn’t hear him right, he lifted the well signed check before him and gave it to me with an handshake and on it was written N200,000. I couldn’t believe it !!. My colleagues congratulated me and he ended the meeting with a warning saying I shouldn’t stop whatever I am doing that one day…. Cutting himself short, then he dismissed the meeting.

I got home to ‘gist’ my mum, she’s my friend. We talk about almost everything; she was happy and couldn’t hide it. She even advised me on how to spend the money. My siblings were happy too. I told myself never to relent in hard work and also I became more committed to my job that gradually I let go of side attractions like my whatsapp group chat, chatting friends  and all I do is to ask  Google random questions like ‘ how to be efficient at work’.

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Just as days pass and month reaching the end, new staffs were employed. I begin to meet new people and my active online presence on social media is also helping me enrich my circle of friends. And then my worries got reinstated.

Meeting different unique people threatened me and will always make me question my existence. At first I thought the commendation I got at work is enough to see that am unique and ‘specially’ different from others but I was disappointed as I met several awesome people.
And I concluded that I was just been favored by my boss and nothing special. Then I begin to search again!!