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For the past four years of existence of the so called All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, the aim and objective of the organizers was to unite Africa music, artistes and also to promote Africa music.

Nonetheless, the artistes are also honoured and encouraged by giving the outstanding ones amongst many of them awards, which will also serve as a thumb up for them.

Therefore, after the just concluded edition of the AFRIMA 2017 awards, which was held on the 12th November at the Eko Convention Centre, Eko Hotels & Suites, The Pace News had taken the responsibility to take the opinions of people on the objectives of AFRIMA if it has been achieved.

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QUESTION: Does AFRIMA truly unites Africa music for the past four years?

See peoples opinion below…

​Awofeso Ladi (Lagos) Activist:
To me, it’s has not because AFRIMA has lost the bases of its establishment and secondly most musicians are not singing music to promote Africa, rather singing sex appealing songs e.g. One corner.

Animashaun Adebayo (Lagos) Blogger:
Uuuh.. One way, It hasn’t been really big from its existence, But from the last edition, AFRIMA has been huge and beginning to unite. so, its large fan base now, in the next 4 years, it will unite and become Africa’s GRAMMY. Where everyone will want to be a nominee and most importantly being the winner.

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Tito Joseph (Lagos) Entrepreneur:
I actually don’t see them as a body that is well recognised. Only that they packaged this year’s event well because I believe they got huge sponsors. The question should not be in the past 4 years, the question should be if they will continue from where they have picked up because this is the first time they had a well packaged event #myopinion.

Rufai Bolaji (Lagos) Journalist:
Yes… It has served as a platform to appreciate African artistes.

Do you have a different opinion to the ones above? Or you want to add to them. Kindly drop it in the COMMENT BOX below…