Lionel Messi has hailed his eldest son Thiago as a “phenomenon” when it comes to his football ability, but the Barcelona star does not hold high expectations of Mateo just yet.

As children of the sports’ biggest star, Thiago (five years old) and Mateo (two) will have a lot to live up to if they choose to follow in the iconic Argentine’s footsteps.

The five-time Ballon d’Or and four-time Champions League winner has built an incredible legacy in his 13 years at the Catalan side, but the Messi name could continue beyond him as he is getting the duo into the game early.

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Messi’s use of the colloquial expression “hijo de puta” was more of an indictment on his youngest’s skill, instead of a harsh personal insult on him and wife Antonella Roccuzzo.

He continued: “Mateo is terrible. It’s really good seeing how different they are. Mateo does play a bit of football, right-footed. He’s more coordinated. He hits it well. But, he’s small.

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“Thiago likes cars, motorcycles, he likes soccer, but even then he plays a little bit and gets tired.”