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How lovely is the railways,
How romantic is such bride;
Full of trust, love, peace and unity

Praises to the hottest beauty,
O world! Lay on me some bridal divinity,
Life hacker have this soul traded with…

Cache the dungs, format my wrongs,
Wall the fate, wait for the dead date!
Tears so good, flooded away my good.

YOU MISSED THIS?  #TPN30DaysPoetryChallenge DAY 1: Love, a strong word

Behold, the bridge; indifference,
The slayers key-holder;
The writers motivation, -a sad one

Yes, those teeth team together;
Lovely, caring, and protective
But, someone is a toad amid, -indifference

The love is about the stash, -money!
Irrespective of love thereof, conflict jacks in,
And the chief sailor moans happily, -indifference.

Little stakes about to crash,
Fondness about being slayed,
It could be now, sooner or later

YOU MISSED THIS?  #TPN30DaysPoetryChallenge DAY 5: Is friend zone a heavenly status

Now, the dagger is hotter than never been,
So cruel and inhumane to personality,
Love don’t hurt anymore, indifference does.

Author Kelly Juuz