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Olusa Tareeq

The scientist says; Humans are an intelligent species
Man who has progressed over time
So tell me why in six thousand, thousand years, races haven’t reached treaties
Why are our tongues, hearts and souls still begrimed?
Why are the seven sins still wedged to our lives with much reassurances?

I ask so as to unravel why we host Luxuria?
Swiping right on Tinder to fulfill our Canal lust
Why can only sexual desires take you to euphoria?
How did mankind get so immensely lost?
To sleep with a lady, we’d gladly make her man Uriah

Heart diseases everywhere, we are a slave to Gluttony
Everyday is dedicated to the worship of gula
Feeding our kids junk, they —filled with fat, living ineptly
Chubby hands, stubby fingers ordering on Yelp, chins with bulging buccula
Restaurants making a fortune, thanks to the reign of obesity

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No we aren’t driven by purpose we find motivation in Avaritia
The reason why the rich get up in the morning is to gather more – greed
The wealthy still steal, infested with kleptomania
Logging on to LinkedIn, the young wants to be of their breed
For worldly and material things we cultivate mania

Ah… What perfect guest we find in Sloth
Come come… Come reside in our lives, Acedia
Tuned in all day to Netflix, to you our hours we gladly will betroth
Sleep for long hours at odd hours of the day — self induced hypersomnia
Snoring loudly while our mouth is covered in froth

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Please deduce why we are so in haste to show Ira
On Twitter with words we direct at someone raw wrath
On trivialities we speak with hostility, portraying anger
People’s emotions we swiftly slit like we hold a snath
What happened to being a brother’s keeper?

Pathetic how minds harbour dreadful envy
For a fellas good fortune we feel invidia
Sees pictures on Facebook and we throw a frenzy
We let it seep into our skin and settle in our cardia
Infects our mind like it’s poison ivy

What great strides we take, on our shoulders superbia
Take exotic pictures on Instagram — lets show the world what we have, what vain pride!
With all our vain glory, we still care — allodoxaphobia
That’s why we hide behind tinted rides
Living in a facade life, we try to create Utopia

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