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Olayinka Omoniyi

Have the Spirit’s of the night ever hang around like an eye bag,
Influencing the reality of your existence.

Have your enemies ever turn to be frenemies,
Confusing the lightening that will strike them.

Have your crush ever flirt with your mind,
Imprisoning the courage you have left.

Have your teacher ever trampled on your dreams,
Sparking the rebellion that made you.

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Have your mistakes ever criticised you,
Empowering the self esteem that has low voltage.

Have the mirror ever praised your beauty,
But yet opening the doors of insecurities that weakens you.

Have lust ever broken your heart,
Giving you pieces of memorable sadness.

Have GOD forgiven your sins,
Using your pieces for a masterpiece.

Have LOVE ever captured your heart,
Fuelling the identity that Powers your passion.

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