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Abdullah Olatunde

My heart covered with snow and my feet coopered up
My nose is filled with McDonald burger across the street of New York
But my tongue frowned at it
Quickly the thought of home travel through my mind
I have toil my tongue to be a White pot in a dark coat
Nothing taste better than mama’s delicious meal of smoked fish and ponmo in an ocean spicy egusi soup
Mmmm… I miss it
I miss the sun that filters my skin during the day and the creepy singing toad at night, the mosquitoes parade
Nearly did I forgot what a locally made yam flour (amala) with the ewedu and gbegiri formation.. Oo.. What a complete team
I also miss the scenes at various motor park, the conductor-passenger series
That yellow and black colours flying around Lagos roads
I once remember a young bus conductor who chases his vehicle with so much prowess
Lest i forget might i tell the drizzling rain which set up Olympic race for refuse
Floating cans and plastic,swimming feaces
The lawyer all suit up pushing his own vehicle in the flood
All those dramas
I miss it all
I miss home.

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