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Banire Saleem

If the simplest way to convey your feeling
Is to say it in just three words
Then I will be quick to accept you
For I gat a lil hope about U

I tot of not loving anymore
And sealed My heart for all
Make it hard for any to penetrate in
And Left no traces to its root

I felt I was cheated and betrayed
And decided to live alone with Peace
Maybe I’ll be happy on My own
And be bold to move on with My scars

YOU MISSED THIS?  #TPN30DaysPoetryChallenge DAY 23: With love

Then You came from that flame
Like an angel sent from above
And Whispered the loyalty of love
Into My eardrum which seems deaf

But then I thought of it over again
And felt I shouldn’t fall inlove over again
But The way I feel is irresistible
Then I know You are truly My Other-Half

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