For advertisers, we deliver unparalleled access to an affluent, sophisticated, knowledgeable group
advertisement. With our site receiving over 60,000 views monthly, we are sure that placing your advert on our website will get you lots of publicity.

Advertisers who do not have an advertising agency and who request copy and art will be charged at Publisher’s rates then in effect.

…You’re only steps away from advertising on this site, and as a valued member of Google’s diverse network of partner websites. We hope to have you among our clients.

We offer our advert space in two ways:

  1. CPM: Cost Per Impressions which means that you will only pay when your advert exposure reaches 1,000
  2. Non Banner Ads Charges: With this type, you will pay for your advert, no matter how many impressions your advert attracts, the charges is fixed. Examples are Sponsored posts, Textlink ads (appears beneath our published stories), and also social media advert.

Banner sizes and prices on our Desktop & Mobile Platform

(Cost are charges per 1,000 impressions)

Banner Size Price in Naira Max Resolution
728 * 90 px 400 100kb
300 * 250 px 300 100kb
300 * 200 px 250 100kb
300 * 600 px 600 100kb
160 * 600 px 400 100kb

Other adverts type and prices on our Platform

(Cost are fixed)

Advert Type Duration Price in Naira
Sponsored posts per one 15,000
Textlink ad per one 5,000
Social Media ad (Facebook, Twitter) Monthly 10,000

Please, kindly note that articles to be published as sponsored post must be submitted for verification and approval before payments are made.

For More Info About Our Advert Details, Contact:

Moses Adeyemi

Owoyemi Khaleel

Banner Specification
All banners for advert should be provided in JPEG, PNG, SWF, GIF
We will expect that all banners for advert are provided at least three days before the campaign is launch.