Welcome to Episode 8 of #TPNangle. On today’s episode, we have a man who has experience as a youth and young adult. He is a public speaker, an advisor, consultant and a motivator. Please welcome Akande Olutobi (@AkandeOlutobi).

Akande Olutobi will be talking on the topic “MORAL DECADENCE IN THE SOCIETY”. Read, Relax and Enjoy his tweets below…

​Thanks @ThePaceNews for this wonderful opportunity granted me to express my thoughts on the subject matter Moral Decadence in Our Society.

In clarification of the subject matter “MORALITY”,
Morality in the strictest sense of the word, deals with that which is innately regarded as right or wrong.

This notion of morality is a known system of principles and judgements shared by cultural, religious, and philosophical concepts and beliefs, by which humans’ subjectively determines whether a given actions are right or wrong.

Our society today is being rampaged by moral decadence which comes along with decadence in behavior, decadence in attitude, decadence in character, decadence in value, decadence in belief and decadence in the totality of human nature.

Societies, especially the young minds are being unconsciously brainwashed, transformed and conditioned through movies, television or the internet to emulate perversion, sexual deviance and violent behavior.

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It is indeed a deliberate attempt by malevolent fortune seekers who have allowed the debasement of the young susceptible minds to further inflate their coffers.

I am very concerned with the way irreligiosity and materialism has gone to such heights as to transform a large proportion of young minds into a selfish, drug-addicted, and violent generation.

Violence and pornography is everywhere; just turn on the TV, watch movies, search the internet, browse through magazines, or listen to records.

We are being used and abused by the so-called leaders of governments who allow it, and by the large corporations who encourage it throughout the world.

These individuals who only care about their own stature and greed, can be compared to deadly viruses who invade the host, begin to replicate causing diabolical mayhem in the minds of young people.

Thus, it is plain for us to see that the new generations that have been created and will continue to emerge is a world made of insecure/dejected minds whose soul have been deformed to ignore ethical/moral standards, enlightenment and compassion toward his fellow being.

In a society where violence, perverted sexual gratification and ingestion of drugs is considered cool, and where immorality has become widespread and tolerated, there is nothing good to emerge from it.

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This vicious cycle which has enveloped our society since the mid-’80s is worsening with every day passing, infecting the young population to become unhappy, uncaring, materialistic and immoral automatons, unaware of their precarious destiny now gripping the world.

Seriously, are we going to make Nigeria a better place with this lack of focus and unscrupulousness, definitely NO!!!

A few of us are trying in our various capacities to be useful by acting right but sincerely a few is not enough, we need a larger percentage of young minds to join the crusade and collectively move the nation forward by being creative, responsible, useful and patriotic.

If you see no reason to help Nigeria, what about yourself, and if none of this motivates you to be useful, think about your generations to come.

I put it to you today, be part of the history of the struggle for a better Nigeria!!!

Do anything in your capability to make your immediate society proud of you and appreciate you, do the right thing at the right time and never be an idle person.

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Discover yourself, your innermost strength and build it. “Discover your PURPOSE and the world would adore you like ROSE”

Once again thanks to the entire crew of @ThePaceNews for this wonderful opportunity. May you guys keep waxing stronger and stronger and to anyone reading this God bless you and God bless our dear country Nigeria. Bye for now!!!