​Oluwabusayomi Tejuosho (Lagos) Finance & Admin Officer:
Talking about this? I will say NO and NO again. Happiness is something we feel within us, it’s an emotional state of mind. You can be a single lady and have a fulfilled life filled with happiness and can also be married but sad. And this can be vice versa. What I believe is if a lady can’t find her happiness while still single then she can’t find it when married. Been rich as a single or married to a wealthy man doesn’t guarantee happiness. A woman should find what makes her happy outside her marital status then she can define happiness. Only God can give one joy and happiness, Which could be in what we do for living, our passion, or rendering free services.

Tito Joseph (Lagos) Entrepreneur:
NO! Marriage is not supposed to be an escape root from poverty, just d way women see it this days. A woman can be happy even without marriage. Seriously, I’m confused I don’t know, please ask a woman.

Idris Aloma (Lagos) Entrepreneur:
Really! This one gidi gan oooo. Can’t say much about this, I just feel irrespective of a lady status, happiness should be the upmost concern (single or married). Someone who’s bitter, sad can’t enjoy this life.

Babatunde Abdullah (Lagos) Writer:
No it should not,  personally I am not after the physical appearance of lady what am after is her intelligence, her ability to make her comfortable even when am around. A woman must decide her own freedom and must be able to define her happiness the husband must not dictate that part. So I say NO.

Yusuf Zainab (Kwara) Food Expert:
Fulfillment is beyond marital status. Marriage is only a way of society continuity and having someone to share good lifetime with, but deep within we all aspire for things which some are lucky to achieve while others are not able to. Why will anybody’s happiness be solely determined by her marital status sef? No one single thing should determine one’s happiness. Though marriage plays a big role because in the end, we all want to have our children call us dad and mum.

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Ola Arowolo (Lagos) Lecturer:
No, it shouldn’t. It’s a personal choice to be or not to be happy. However, this is relative when emotional sensitivity level is considered.

Babarinde Rukayat (Lagos) Student:
No, because not all married women are living happily, you are only aware of what you heard from them. So, if a woman’s happiness is determined by her marital status, that means approximately 50% of women are unhappy.

Hodonu Titi (Lagos) Entrepreneur:
Actually, it’s both YES and NO. A woman’s happiness depends on what she wants. For instance, a career lady might derive her happiness from her job and singlehood then believe having a husband might cause distraction. Meanwhile, some ladies feel true happiness is based on being married and having the house filled with kids. It’s whatever rocks your boat, your believe and understanding that determines what makes you happy inspite of your marital status.

Agbonlahon Theophilus (Lagos) Journalist:
NO, it shouldn’t. She should try and derive happiness from other things like her career, her children, her external families and even other activities like volunteering or helping the less privileged. Nobody should hinge his or her happiness solely on marriage, although it is vital that one should strive to make the marriage work and sincerely that involves both parties. But, at the end of the day, even marriages fail, what happens after that? She’ll be unhappy forever?

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Agbonmagbe Fausiyah (Kwara) Youth advocate:
NO, it shouldn’t, let me say that it depends on the stage the lady fall into (single, married or divorce). So as per this, If she is a single lady: For the fact that she’s not yet married, her happiness then should even be of a good one because she as nothing much to think about than her future, be it her parents, job, living and her relationship. So she’s still free and not attached then. Her happiness should be her priority. And for the married ones, we all know marriage isn’t an easy task, a lady shouldn’t say because she is married then she should start having issues with ha life (i.e feeling moody or sad because of what she’s going through in her marriage. You know what guys can be of sometimes, so a lady shouldn’t let her marital life to decrease the rate in which she should be happy and how she enjoys her life.

Sanni Hussein (Lagos) Social Media Expert:
No. Never. If a woman isn’t married, so she shouldn’t be happy? Happiness (a woman’s or man’s) should never be determined by marital status or whatever factor/moral compass. Undoubtedly, your happiness can (and should) only be determined by your own resolutions and actions. Do what makes you happy. Be happy, on your own accord. Happiness shouldn’t come from depending on others.

Yahya Jamiu (Lagos) Media personnel:
NO, Marital status doesn’t determine her happiness because being married is not the height of fulfilment in life as to which a woman may not find joy in her home due to some reasons.

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Abiodun Tolani (Oyo) Accountant:
No. She should be happy always. Not only in marriage Happiness is our no1 priority. Married or not.

Winnie George (Lagos) Student:
Well since she’s no longer single it has to be but not sorely cause she has not only herself to look after but that of her husband and probably children, so in order to make the family happy she has to go out of her way sometimes. After all the happiness of her family is as well hers. All she has to do is adjust and in no time she won’t be seeing it as “going out if her way” but as sacrifices which will later bring not only her happiness but that of the whole family in the long run or may be short run, it all depends on time.