At the Consumer Electronics Show this year, wireless chargers are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. Across the exhibit halls, countless companies offered everything from sleek new styles of charging pads to long-range wireless systems that can power multiple devices at a time.

Among the popular names included iOttie and Powercast, along with Wi-Charge which uses infrared beams of light to deliver power through a ‘virtual cord.’

iOttie has five generations of CES Innovation Awards under its belt, and once again proved a brand to watch in the world of ‘wireless’ charging pads. At the show this year, iOttie unveiled its new iON Wireless series, including a Fast Charging Pad. The system uses Qi wireless fast charging technology and heat reduction modifications.

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The remote wireless charging technology sends radio-frequency (RF) energy to a tiny Powercast receiver chip. This chip can be embedded into a device to enable over-the-air charging, by converting the RF energy to direct current. Power-hungry devices, such as smartwatches, should be no more than two feet away, while low power devices, such as home sensors, can be up to 80 feet away.