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Hmm, I just exhaled all the way
from Sambisa forest to Ezza-land.
It took me mili-years to find you,
as I fought battalions in Iraq just for you.
Wait, have you not known,
that all the leaves in northern
Nigeria speak of me just for you.
Because, I butchered cobwebs…
and covered potholes to show you
how smooth my heart is.

Oyoom nke izizi, nwa bu akwa enuigwe,
Obara enuigwe ka ibu,
Anyanwu ututu m.
Asi na ibu udara,
Ajuzie m utara ra cha wazie udara
ubochi niile nke ndu m.
Akpoputa gi , kpoputa chukwu…
arapu m chukwu na eso gi …
maka anya furu gi,
afugo chukwu rue na ngwucha ya.
Agam afugi na anya rue ubochi
  mmiri jordan ga ekewa nke ugboro abua.

Oyoom nke izizi,
the one my French clutch sekem for.
Oh , the whole land of France hunger to see just your …
That which they hunger for I know not,
as my hairs speak not Thailand
  but pure and understandable language.
The taste of your tongue, is the taste of all the sweetest seasons I have ever known but haven’t used.
Sinach sang to know God the more,
but I write to love you the more.
So well, this journey you have planned when to end it,
I wouldn’t plead for more but saying it’s ageless love .
Why won’t I reject gold and bronze,
just to have you as my zinc and lead.
Would I not decline heavens of dollars and euros,
just to have you as my naira and Ghana cedis .

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Oyoom nke izizi,
this song in my heart is very boring,
but captivating enough to ice the ocean.
Wait, have you seen shark playing with sardines?
No, you have not.
But, would you let me dance with you,
just there, in kainji dam,
  that’s how crazy i have grown for you.
Did you hear me say I love you?
Yeah, that’s to show you my love for you is unexplainable and pure.
There’s a flower called ‘ touch-and-die…’
but because of you my name became ‘touch-and-melt…’
Just imagine that kind of melting,
where golden hands get involved to wrap you,
pamper you,
carry you,
and prick you.

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Oyoom nke izizi,
let me be your pillow.
Could I be your wrapper,
I would have been the best quality of it.
Let me be your cream,
Know it so well, I must make you softer to the chin.
Those fruits are riped to be ploughed,
please, permit me to plough for once,
if I wouldn’t end up loving them forever.
The Whiteman said ‘ I have gone bananas up stairs…
but my heart says ‘ hold the banana underneath you’.
Climbing this poetic mountain I must,
if it would summon towers to tell my story of love,
Yes , story of love about you and me, Oyoom nke izizi.

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Author Kelly Juuz is a writer at The Pace News