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This world is a driver
of bruises and pains,
Heading miles away
and making souls to sway.
Little lamb landed,
folly fools followed
to no success but trials,
full of aches and failures.
Heart attack gone so far
viral, ascending to death.
Hope is cruel enough
to stain lot once more,
Leaving lot lonesome
to the ants in the dust settles.

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This world is a driver
of hatred and intolerance,
Drifting downside devices
that sheds darkness and blood.
Gifts are now traps for revenge,
because of heavy reign of envy.
Gossip became salutary ideal
when trust went to sour summit.
Evil upon evil, malice upon malice,
solely scorching saints today,
leaving the greenland muted.
Orders placed at borders fell off
into the sewage gutter at wharf,
Civilians rage and panick soulfully
reaching towers with powers,yet nil.

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Author Kelly Juuz is a writer at The Pace News