Quitting is not the solution but the beginning of a new problem. Many people change their path when things doesn’t go their way and decide to quit. Here is the truth that you don’t know, “It’s going to be tough, rough, hard, difficult but to achieve success, don’t ever think of quitting as an option”.

One thing people who want to be successful don’t know is that life is surely going to knock you down, things won’t always go the way you plan, it won’t always work out the way you drafted it. And when this happens, try and keep moving, strive to survive and never quit, hope to overcome the obstacle and never give up.

I will say that it’s not too late to make some changes, it’s not too late to start making progress, it’s not too late to start taking steps, not even at the last minute to the end, you can still be successful. I remember football matches where a team will score at the last minute of the match to equalize or sometimes win the match.

I was in a conversation with a friend of mine Dayo (not real name), read the conversation below…

DAYO: Sometimes, quitting is the best solution

ME: Oh! And when you quit, what will you do next?

DAYO: (silent and cannot provide an answer).

Let’s branch off something here, if we look at our various holy books from your own religion/belief (Qur’an, Bible and others), they encourage us to be patient. So why quit on what you are doing?

“Do everything you can to survive, not to give up” – Richard Branson

Keep going, keep moving, and don’t ever quit.

Even when the odds are against you, don’t quit. Is it finance, funds, connections, networks, education, resources, don’t quit because successful entrepreneurs/peoples don’t quit.

No matter what you say, think or do, life is still on and it never stop for once. So therefore, continue to have desires, hopes and aspirations and never give up on them. Sometimes, your dreams may looks too difficult to achieve but definitely attainable. A lot can happen within the blink of an eye, so keep believing.

If you fail once, see it as learning and learn from it, learn from the mistakes that led to the failure, and pick the dream up and correct it when next you try again. Keep striving, pursuing and one day you will be successful and celebrated.

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” – Audrey Hepburn

1. Never give up even at the last minute.
2. Believe till the end.
3. Nothing is impossible as everything is possible.
4. Keep going and don’t stop.
5. At the end you will succeed if you don’t give up.

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