Akinboyewa Ayoola

I was once a child
Who dwelt among the shiny plains of innocence
Lushed by happiness and glee
Curbed by warmth arms of a mother
Until reality deflowered my mind
Waking my senses to the harsh weather of life

I was once a child
Never to be again
As life thrust age through me
Envied by many
The man or mediocre I will become
If I live once more as a child

I was once a child
Who slept on the cozy bed of childhood
Dreaming of life in fantasies
Of flowers in gardens
And coffee on bed
Until they told me life is not lived on the bed

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I was once a child
Devoid of worries
Awake to lullabies
Loved by mother
The flower of the family
Until reality played enmity with me

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