During the Commonwealth conference held in London, United Kingdom, Nigeria president, Muhammadu Buhari referred to the youths of his country by calling the lazy and uneducated.

This got on the wrong side of most youths in the country, and they storm all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp).

TPN has taken the responsibility to get the opinion of youths following the speech of the President.

Below are what the youths have to say…

Olasunkanni Arowolo (Lagos State) Lecturer:
Buhari have spoken from his own viewpoint. Facts
remain sacred.
If he has accused Nigerian youths of being lazy, he should tell the world what obviously working environment the government of the day have provided?
If Nigeria youths are truly lazy,he should tell me how many small scale business and big ideas, innovations they’ve supported successfully?
Fine, some number of youths may be guilty of ideological laziness. But the big question is this, based on social responsibility, what has the government of the day done with National Orientation Agency? Aren’t they meant to work on our national ideas and philosophy? Everyday, Nigeria is seemingly becoming a farce.
We’re simply in a state of national error. Only ideological revolution can help us.
God bless Nigeria.

Mustapha Ridwan (Oyo State) Teacher:
Well, in my own opinion, I’ve decided to react unperturbed to the issue ab initio, because reading through the script I found it difficult to see where he actually said it unequivocally that Nigerian Youths are lazy, perhaps I read another version of the of the script.
However, if he had said that, it is an undeniable fact that some youths are lazy while some are hard working. But, I felt bad that he took it to the International compound (abroad) to say that.

Babatunde ‘Tunny’ Ogunnowo (Lagos State) Digital Marketing Strategist:
First, we are in a country that submerge the efforts of her youths.
A country that didn’t deem young people fit to contest for major political offices until 2017 when the Not Too Young To Run bill was passed.
A country where youths die everyday in the hands of militants, kidnappers and robbers and the president doesn’t show sign of remorse but if killings are done in other countries he sympathizes
a country where youths are thriving without the help of the government that has already failed them.
We can begin to mention Nigerian youths doing great things home and abroad and we won’t run out of names in the next 48 hours but then our president still says we’re lazy.
I guess he wants us to be turning the earth around with our bare hands the way superman does, running faster than the speed of a bullet the way Flash does and maybe fighting as hard as Wolverine does. Maybe then, our 72-year-old president who’s too lazy to govern us will see how ‘un-lazy’ we are.

Seyi Williams (Lagos State) Entrepreneur:
What do you expect from a president who is myopic in reasoning. Well concerning his statement, to me, I feel it is preposterous and barbaric in nature, the youth I know are strong and ready to work just that the country have denied us the opportunity to do so, in this generation unlike the 90’s we have more entrepreneur, great minds, intelligent individual who can affect the country positively but cause there is no avenue to showcase this skills they look for other way out, am a youth, resourceful one at that and am not lazy.

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Rabiu Idris (Lagos State) Entrepreneur:
My opinion on PMB’s Speech is that he is not close to the people of the country and he is clueless because for a whole president of Nigeria to make such a horror statements, that means he doesn’t know the Nigeria Youth.
The Nigeria Youth are very passionate about making it in life most especially getting their ends meet anywhere, anyhow or anyway.
This generation of youth have never witness ‘the Free Education’ and still they are doing well in the academic sector. Check the stat to know how many graduates Nigeria produces every year.
Check the entertainment industry, this same youth are making it big and setting records for Nigeria and Africa.
Every Nigeria Youth are engage in one or two entrepreneur business just to survive in this unfriendly state we find ourselves.
PMB government promise to create jobs for the youth but where are these jobs? Check out the rate of Youths applying for jobs at different recruitment companies and how much is the salary base of those jobs? You still find millions dying to have this take to office salary Job. Wake up as early as 4-5am and see youths rushing to get their different places of work.
I think PMB just wanted to make a statement and he doesn’t know what to say because that statement is diabolic.

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Odewale Anifah (Lagos State) Entrepreneur:
A father (Buhari) who does not give his children (Nigerian Youth) appropriate care, what do you expect of the child… Papa gimme some money before you conclude that am lazy.

Owoyemi Somod (Oyo State) Student:
The speech he gave was nonsense because did he ever created any job opportunity and the youth rejected it or abandoned it or did he ever wanted to empower the youth and the youth didn’t respond?

Segun Aribisala (Lagos State) Editorial assistant:
That was a political blunder from someone who is supposed to be our father. That speech simply means our father (who is the president) has failed us.
The speech goes a long way in cementing what has been ‘mis-claimed’ and disclaimed about the youths, especially in other climes.
Many bullshits (ie shit-holes among others) are now being confirmed. How do we justify our case now, when our father (or someone who is supposed to be our father, protector, etc) has nailed us- Nigerian Youths are lazy.

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Rufai Bolaji (Lagos State) Unemployed graduate:
It’s so disheartening when a government who promised all is not even showing prospects of giving few.
Nigerian youths have been slapped and it’s a wake up call for us to lose hope in this government

Profceebeatzz (Lagos State) Music producer:
I am very much less bothered by what Buhari has said. He is a man with flesh and blood, and is very much entitled to his opinion. I don’t believe whatever he’s said, because he isn’t God. I only believe what the word of God says about me, and its not lazy.
Moreover, he’s shielded in aso rock and doesn’t know what’s happening in the country. How would he? When he spends most of his time out of the country