Olusa Tareeq

Dark world, Evil reigns
Manifests in many forms, from the little envious hiss
To the violence and Killing in people’s veins
No! Late is Karma and Kismet’s kiss
The Evil needs to end Now, we need Thunder, firm in holding Justice’s reins

Yes we need the lighting of Sàngó
One to bring the murderer on his knees
Day of reckoning, nowhere to run, nowhere to go
To account for every Life he claimed, murderous beast
Thunder to make swift judgement, won’t falter, won’t forgo

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Yes we need the lighting of Zeus
One to bring to Justice the traitor
Penalty for back stabbing — Brutus
Retribution, one that won’t favour
Adieus slithering snake! Adieus!

Yes we need the lighting of Indra
One to give the people genuine hope
One that would make us remember sages — Bhadrapada
One that would relieve us of Kakistocracy, tying our progress in a rope
Coming after will be the rain, to cleanse our lands of the negative aura

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Dark world, Evil rules
Demonstrated from minute doings, the little hiss of the envious
To the gigantic acts of killing and violence with vicious rifles
Karma and Kismet slow but vicious, to survive, we need fast and furious
We need Thunder, not bureaucracy that addles