Olusa Tareeq

Hypnotised is the word
If it isn’t worldly we get bored
Slaves to abstracts and inanimate
We aren’t genuine, we’re Zombies, like something out of anime

We are told the naked is the civilized
Same people who said the first men were unclad savages, if you do but realize
So we strip and show skin, definition of beauty
Forgetting it’s skin deep and how pure the soul is— we mistake it for nudity

Now paper with dead men on is the new lord
And teens go desperate lengths — told if acquired, they’d be considered gods
Despicable things carried out in readiness
Lose our souls eventually in the process

YOU MISSED THIS?  #TPN30DaysPoetryChallenge DAY 5: Western northerners

They tell us that sex is the new sport
Even compatible with a stranger we spot
So we ignore the fact that we’re precious gems
And act like a lump of mineral matter, wedged in the mud — firm

Switch on the TV and we’re shown façades which fill our heads
Reality shows that are “acted” we get mislead
Our minds go blank when we see gold — hypnotised
Instead of – make yourselves better, they say; embrace your dark side, you are who you are — the influence finalised

YOU MISSED THIS?  #TPN30DaysPoetryChallenge DAY 17: Reminiscent

We are a brainwashed generation
Our priorities will remain frivolities if we don’t take action
And if we do not learn to be better humans
A poor example we’d lay for the next generation of man