Olayinka Omoniyi

Borrowed things are bound to be returned but what you earn is yours to keep,
You didn’t need to do anything to earn my LOVE,
but I fear I must give everything to earn your LOVE,

Love have no class when it’s the product of your freewill,
My Soul becomes free as a butterfly just by your will,
In amazement I asked “can this be love”

My heart has been stupid for you, now am even stupider,
Unmerited love energises my strength cos you must have all a QUEEN deserves,
How do I praise the one who made you, even the sun bow to learn at your radiance,

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Teachers can’t formulate the rules that guides this mystery,
How do you LOVE completely, that it sets you free to have and be everything,
I love you and I love the fact that I love you and that’s crazy awesome.

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