Aje Adeola (Lagos State) PR analyst:
I’m not going to fault her personal success of being a mum in making but what I’ll fault is her deceit and misinformation. As a blogger who finds joy and funds in exposing other people’s top secret, she did well not to disclose her’s and this for me had made her loose her credibility as a trusted blogger.

Rufai Bolaji (Lagos State) Unemployed graduate:
Wedlock or no wedlock Linda Ikeji is no longer a kid. However, if she feels getting empowered and sufficient is essential for a woman before being married is the best, that is her opinion but what works for her might not work for another person. Concerning celibacy, I think it’s a personal choice and no one should be crucified for any opinion on that.

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Animasaun Adebayo (Lagos State) Photojournalist:
What I feel is… She might want to keep it low key. And we all know she is getting old so what I think is probably the father of the baby is younger and she will want to keep that out of the media. You know naija people,they can bring up another trending issue from her case just like we have transmission case at the moment. To me, am happy for her. With all the wealth she has gotten, now she deserve some accolades to crown it all.

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Taiwo Olalekan (Ibadan) Social media strategist/ICT consultant:
The only thing I can say is congratulations.

Ajose Titilope (Lagos State) Entrepreneur:
It is not everyone that practice what they preach, this should be a great lesson to everyone, not to take to all the advice that is being given to them regardless of the person giving them.