⚫ Kim didn’t look too pleased when Trump joked about photographers making the two leaders look “nice and handsome and thin” before they sat down for their early working lunch.

⚫ Sung Kim, US ambassador to the Philippines who has taken the lead on policy negotiations with North Korea has admitted “there is a lot of work left” as he waited to listen to Trump’s press conference in Singapore.

⚫ China’s foreign ministry has said the international community could consider lifting economic sanctions on North Korea after the agreement signed today, according to Reuters. This suggestion by Chinese officials signals the US policy of “maximum pressure” is already showing signs of cracking. China represents more than 90percent of Pyongyang’s trade and is in a position to provide much-needed relief for the isolated regime.

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⚫ US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims the summit has delivered for America. Earlier he hailed the joint statement as “the start of a new relationship”.

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Trump seems keen on the optics of the summit.